Pet Palliative
End-of-life care

Our compassionate team is here for you during these difficult times and can help guide you on the right decisions for your pet.

Pet end-of-life care in Kelowna, BC

Our mission revolves around compassionate care for you and your pet, no matter their stage of life.


Pet Palliative End-of-Life Care

At Alpine Pet Hospital, we understand the profound emotional experience of saying goodbye to a cherished pet. Our pet end-of-life care offers compassionate guidance and support during this challenging journey. 

We’ll help you prepare for the inevitable with empathy, provide tailored hospice and palliative care plans, and offer resources for aftercare support. The veterinary team at Alpine Pet Hospital is committed to ensuring your pet’s comfort and dignity and your peace of mind during this difficult time. Please contact us if you have questions or need guidance on handling your pet’s golden years. Our team will gladly assist you.